How do you value an experience that can be your springboard for long term personal growth?

The Honest Signalz Bootcamp will illuminate the mind and equip you to thrive in the social jungle

The bootcamp is an intensive coaching experience that will help you step up your game in more ways than one.
Over the course of 4 days, we will lay the necessary foundations of social dynamics, pickup, and self-development that are crucial to your romantic success. The insights and reference experiences you'll gain will not only help you attract women (or more and better quality ones if you’re already somewhat experienced), but will also help you gain confidence in other areas of your life.

If necessary, we will also address grooming, fashion sense, culture and healthy living, which we believe are equally integral to one’s success in the dating world. Ultimately, our focus is on helping you cultivate attractive core masculine qualities, and putting you on a path towards achieving long term personal growth.

Invaluable Benefits

The powerful benefits of this program will help you
create an identity level shift in your game and personality.

Our process

Our rigorous process and attention
to detail will whip you into shape.

  • 1

    Personal evaluation

    Let us get to know you better so we can best customize the program to your needs. Also, greater student teacher rapport makes for a greater bootcamp experience.

  • 2

    Theory & exercises

    A fundamental understanding of how attraction works along with social and vocal exercises will help you build social momentum, get unstifled and in touch with your best self.

  • 3

    Infield & review

    We film your interactions infield, listen along and then sit down with you to analyze them in detail. This will offer invaluable insights into your game and personal development.

  • 4


    The process we lay out along with the insights you’ll gain will inevitably bring results. Moreover the action plan we provide will help you maintain the momentum after the bootcamp.

Our instructors

Our world class instructors can not only
walk on water. They can fly too.
Get undivided attention

Our instructors will never leave your side. They’re either winging you, filming you, watching you and listening in to your interactions to help guide you along or give you immediate feedback.

Soak up the knowledge

Our instructors bring a vast amount knowledge and experience under their belts. They’ll put things into perspective, and offer specific responses to the most nuanced of questions.

Watch the bromance happen

Our instructors aim to be your bros first and instructors second. We want you to feel at ease, open up, and have fun during the program. This will significantly improve your capacity to learn and shine.

Vadim the dream

Pickup OG with over 12 years experience, and founder of Honest Signalz, Vadim has shown thousands of men around the world not only that having a full head of hair doesn't matter when it comes to attracting women, but that your mindset and personality are your biggest assets in the 'game' and life in general.

His great sense of humour and natural approach to pickup inspires, educates and entertains. His coaching style can be best described as fun with a splash of tough love. When he's not hustling in the business he enjoys drinking tea, having threesomes and being an amateur film critic.

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Martin the German

Martin is the newest (and hair-endowed) addition to Honest Signalz and a shining example of when “hard work beats talent”. Originally from a 300 people village in Germany, he overcame the odds and completely transformed himself from an awkward, insecure nerd into a cool, charismatic guy.

With now 4 years of experience and a burning desire to taste all the flavours of the rainbow, he is consistently sharpening the blade to remain at the cutting edge. His love and dedication to pick up and personal development mixed with great humility are what truly set him apart. When he's not hustling in the business he enjoys doing calisthenics, cooking elaborate dishes and cuddling by the fire.

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Bootcamp options

Unparalleled coaching for less than the cost of a used car or a premium “girlfriend” experience. Invest in your future and join the league of romantically competent gentlemen.

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4 Day - Don Juan
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4 days
32 hours
1:1 student to instructor ratio
2 students / 2 instructors
1 hour pre-bootcamp assessment
2 night game sessions (1 filmed)
2 day game sessions (1 filmed)
2 personal filmed infield sessions
2 personal footage review sessions
2 theory sessions
Vocal + social exercises
Post-bootcamp action plan
Footage available for you to take home
6 Day - Casanova
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6 days
48 hours
1:1 student to instructor ratio
4 days - 2 students / 2 instructors
2 days - 1 student with Vadim
2 hour pre-bootcamp assessment
3 night game sessions (1 filmed)
3 day game sessions (1 filmed)
3 personal filmed infield sessions
3 personal footage review sessions
3 theory sessions
Vocal + social exercises
Post-bootcamp action plan
Footage available for you to take home
5 post-bootcamp 1hr skype sessions

Bootcamp Schedule

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30 - 4th


The Honest Signalz bootcamp
is your golden ticket to abundance!

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